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Consulting, Workshops & Therapy

Consulting & Workshops: improving relationships through observation,feedback, training & practice.


My consulting services are available to residents of any state and country, and they are contracted on a fully self-pay basis.

As my consultancy clients, you have my full expertise in helping you with your relationship. Consultancy begins with an assessment of needs & wants, and proceeds with workshopping solutions to the difficulties that get in the way of your needs and wants. Because I will work with you in an observation, feedback, training & practice modality, you cannot request reimbursement from your insurance company for consulting/workshopping.


  • Sessions are 1.5 hours minimum

  • Intensives (3-5 hour sessions) are available.

  • Format is Zoom/Telehealth.

  • For couple consulting, suggested minimum is 10 sessions

  • For couple therapy, open-ended treatment over 3-6 months is preferred.


Contact me for rates and/or to schedule a no-charge, no-obligation 15-minute consultation.

Therapy: all of the above, plus an optional invoice to submit to your insurance company.


As a therapist licensed in the states of CT, MA, NM & registered in FL, I am authorized to diagnose mental & behavioral disorders when working with residents of these states, and to provide treatment for these disorders in a couples context. This allows residents of these states to ask for reimbursement from their insurance company if their plan allows it.


I don't take insurance directly, I accept only self-pay clients. But I can offer clients invoices to submit for insurance reimbursement (or credit towards your deductible), depending on your particular plan. 

It is important to know that in order to consider reimbursing you for any part of your couples therapy, health insurance companies require that one (and only one) partner be considered the patient and the treatment be described in their health record as appropriate for a mental health or behavioral health disorder. 

If you do not submit an invoice, no new health records are created. This is an advantage for fully self pay therapy or consultancy clients.

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