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Peter Jones Ed.D, LMFT is a seasoned couples therapist and consultant with expertise in designing and redesigning interpersonal interaction and communications systems. He has thirty years' experience diagnosing and formulating solutions to interactional challenges, including fifteen teaching college and graduate students methods for analyzing and improving communication. His doctorate in applied linguistics (2010) focused on how adults can use interaction to learn to speak & listen differently.

In 2015 Peter began training with the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) Institute, seeking to expand his understanding of interaction by linking it to family systems, developmental neuroscience and attachment theory. Concurrently he trained for five years in Body-Centered (Gestalt) Psychotherapy at the Hartford Family Institute and completed an additional degree specializing in couples therapy.

Peter's specialty is understanding the body-brain-mind basis to couples' communication and interactional impasses and designing solutions that allow couples to move through them successfully.

Peter is licensed to provide marriage and family therapy in Connecticut, Massachussetts, New Mexico and Florida.  For residents of other states or territories, Peter will provide a consulting contract, making available the most recent understandings of couples’ communication and interaction in an observation, education and training format, one pair at a time.

Peter is a clinical fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).

Degrees and concentrations include:

  • Ed.D. University of Bristol (UK)– communication, interaction & learning

  • M.A. Columbia University – interaction, language & learning

  • M.A. Northcentral University – couples therapy


  • CT  (renewal date: December 2024)

  • MA: (renewal date: December 2025)

  • NM (renewal date: October 2025)


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