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Training and Methods

I make sense of couples' relational impasses through five primary lenses, listed here in order of importance to my approach:

  • 1. Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) –  The cutting edge in research-based couple therapy, PACT integrates neuroscience, attachment & somatic perspectives to identify obstacles that undermine partnership while providing resources for rebuilding it. I have been in ongoing training with the PACT institute and PACT supervisors since 2015.

  • 2. Gottman Method – Identifies how "master" couples differ from "disaster couples" in ordinary interactional practices. This approach is the original foundation of all interactionally-focused couples therapy. I completed the full Gottman training (level 3) & Seven Principles leadership training; I update my knowledge of advances on a regular basis.

I help couples with trauma using somatic and dialogic-relational approaches to therapy in which I have significant training: 

  • 3. Body-based (Gestalt) therapy –  Takes a holistic, person-centered approach to building awareness of internalized blocks to experience, providing a basis for re-establishing contact with self & others. I spent five years in continuous experiential and theoretical training at the Hartford Family Institute.

  • 4. Polyvagal theory – Polyvagal theory is a knowledge base, rather than a therapy. It draws on physiologists' understandings of the role of the nervous system in alternating between social engagement (for creativity and learning) and threat responses (for survival, but limiting creativity and learning). I stay up to date on relevant findings and practical applications.

Two additional lenses couples influence my approach:

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