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What do you want from your relationship?  

Couples bring one or more predictable questions to therapy:

  • Why aren't we communicating like we used to?

  • How do we stop fighting so much?

  • How do we get attraction, synergy and romance back?

  • How do we resolve apparently recurring problems and disagreements?

  • How do we create a (new) vision for the future?

  • How can we heal from a betrayal

To respond to these and other questions, I draw on and integrate a range of knowledge at the intersection of psychology, biology & communication:

  • What structures--principles, agreements, understanding--need to be in place to anchor relationships

  • How couples and families develop over time, and what can get in the way of healthy development.

  • How brain, mind, and body both enable and constrain change

  • How early experiences lay the groundwork for and create obstacles to healthy relationships

  • How communication, memory & perception can work for you (on good days) and against you (on other days)

  • What tools and techniques couples use, and what resources they need, to create sustainable, functioning relationships.

and for some couples:

  • How do cultural and cross- cultural backgrounds create complications?


The goal for this work is sustainable secure functioning – creating fair, sensitive, just & collaborative arrangements that work for everyone.

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