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Helping couples gain perspective


  • Are you and your partner fighting too often, too long or too intensely?

  • Are you telling yourself or others, “we just can’t communicate”?

  • Are you worried about the future of your relationship?

  • Are you struggling to know how to handle a betrayal/infidelity?


Or perhaps you are simply aware that it's time to up your game--that you can do better with and for your selves and your relationship.


Every couple needs new moves from time to time. Which moves will address what's bothering you?  As an experienced therapist & consultant I can help you with shortcuts, saving you time and energy. Drawing on more than thirty years' professional expertise in interpersonal communication, learning theory & couple therapy, I can help you move quickly to repair, rebuild and/or enhance your relationship with smarter and more efficient ways to get things done & to move some roadblocks out of the way.


I specialize in working with you to design new solutions to the recurrent communicational and interpersonal dilemmas that frustrate you and probably your partner. I'll work with you on  purpose, practices and skills, helping you with any difficulties that arise, reducing conflict and concerns.  Wouldn't you like to save time for more enjoyable things?

All therapy and consulting is conducted virtually, using telehealth apps, e.g. Zoom.  

Serving Connecticut, Massachusetts,
New Mexico 
by telehealth
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